Jane in the Forest

Starting to do Linked Data with Evergreen

Galen Charlton / Equinox Software, Inc.

Sharing all we know about Jane Austen

The Ur-ball for Jane Austen's Emma

Why linked open data

  • Share our data with those who do not and will not touch MARC
  • But also... make the lives of library data people easier

Sharing outward

Adding more vocabularies

Let's look at the New York Times

Authority records and identifiers

Authority records are a gateway to Linked Data

LDR 01135cz  a2200205n  4500
005     20060512103327.0
008     790705n| acannaabn          |n aaa
010    _an  79056654
035    _a(OCoLC)oca00289745
053  0 _aPS3552.U827
100 1  _aButler, Octavia E.
901    _c35

And here's a simple link, via an identifier....

LDR 01019cam a2200349 i 4500
005     20140627012826.0
008     790320s1979    nyu           000 1 eng
010    _a   78022597
020    _a0385150598 :
100 1  _aButler, Octavia E.
245 10 _aKindred /
       _cby Octavia E. Butler.
250    _a1st ed.

Also, a missed opportunity, at least in MARC21-land...

100 1  _935
100 1  _0(DLC)n  79056654

Identifiers == Lead

  • n 79056654

Identifiers == Gold

So what?

The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)

Bridging the gap

First, let's figure out the VIAF identifier.

No SPARQL endpoint — data dumps are available, though

<ns2:Document about="http://viaf.org/viaf/34453955/">
<ns2:inDataset resource="http://viaf.org/viaf/data"/>
<ns2:primaryTopic resource="http://viaf.org/viaf/34453955"/>

This looks familiar

Bringing it back home

  • Killing off dead authors
  • Adding cross-references
  • and we need not restrict our enrichment to the RDF - more is available
  • ... and do it automatically

Let's recap

bib heading → authority record → LC control number of authority record → id.loc.gov identifier → VIAF → RDF → enrichment in existing ILS

Points of enrichment

  • Displays and links in the discovery interface
  • ... and if you're not fortunate enough to be running an ILS that you have access to the source code for, if you can at least inject some JavaScript, you can do a lot.
  • Put back in the MARC record for enrichment purposes.

SKOS in Evergreen

  • Controlled vocabularies are everywhere, not just authorities
  • RDA Registry

RDA Carrier Type

Back to Jane Austen


  • An exercise to start working with RDA cataloging... without MARC
  • Next one is being held in San Francisco at ALA Annual

RIMMF and r-balls

Ingest Linked Data

  • SKOS to MARC (via MADS/RDF)
  • Enhanced MARC tag tables and coded value maps

Next steps

  • Expose more identifiers (see recent conversation about $0 links)
  • Embed more linked data
  • Pie in the Sky – a SPARQL endpoint?


Galen Charlton
Equinox Software, Inc.