1. incorrectly translated, need to correct (wrong term follows)

% translation that I decided to use (no references) {Lib} librarian jargon, use only in INTRANET interface {OPAC} common term corresponding to the jargon, to be used in the OPAC [ceiba3] [HK Govt] [HKPL] [NCL] [ptl] [TWMOE] [various] various library web sites [Yahoo]

acquisition 采购 [various] — Note: this translation is a library jargon! added authors 附加著者 [HKPL] author 著者 [HKPL], [NCL] authority 规范 [various] authorities file 规范文件 [] barcodebiblio 书目* biblio number 書目記錄號碼 [HKPL] budgeted costcatalogue (v.) 著錄 [ceiba3] collection] copyright information 出版事項, 出版項 [ceiba3] field 字段 ILS] indicator 字段指示符 [NCL] ISBN 國際標準書號 [NCL] ISSN 國際標準连续出版物號 [NCL] item 圖書資料 [various], 圖書館資料 [HKPL], 資料 [HKPL] — Note: zh-HK & zh-TW usage differ location— Note: zh-HK & zh-TW usage differ mandatory 必備 [NCL] metadata 詮釋資料 (metadata) [NCL], 元資料 [ptl] notes (of an item, i.e., MARC21 tag 5xx) 附註 [ceiba3] on loan 借出 [HKPL] optional (not mandatory) 自由使用 [NCL] physical description 稽查項 [HKPL], [ceiba3] printerpublisher 出版者 [HKPL], [ceiba3] record (n.) 記錄 [HKPL] repeatingrequestsoftware 軟件 series titlesound recording 錄音資料 [HKPL] standard number 標準號碼 [HKPL] statussubfieldsubject 主題 [NCL], [HKPL] subject (assignment of) 標題 [NCL] subject heading 主題標目 [] subtitle 副題 [NCL] tag (number) 欄號 [NCL] tag 字段标识符 [NCL] talking booktitletitleuniform titleunititlevideo recording 錄影資料

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