devWeek programme : The main goal is to improve Head stability & define Koha 3.0 roadmap/timeline/features. As we will be more than 15, it's better do have short meetings with everybody and long sessions in small groups. We will have at least :

both non-smoking rooms, but smoking area nearby if someone needs it. I'll take my coffee machine, we will get as many coffee as we want.

The small groups could work on (the list can be completed by any idea, it's a 1st draft) :

Some of those topic could be done in 2 days (for example, the members module)

Each group could be managed by 1 developper, with 2 or 3 persons. we could do :

  1. 8th morning : installing & setup of all computers + organizing groups
  2. 8th evening : each group works on it's topic & write a small summary of what is to be done & how he will do it
  3. 9th morning & evening : each group works on it's topic. At the end of the day ⇒ 1 hour for each group to show everybody what has been done, and where there is a problem
  4. 10th : same thing
  5. 11th morning : same thing
  6. 11th evening : trip to SAN-Ouest Provence to visit the library + doing something interesting in the area
  7. 12th morning : each group work on it's topic, to end with something as stable as possible
  8. 12th morning (end of-) and evening : work all together, to define roadmap/timeline/WhoDoWhat



Tumer Chris Joshua Henri damien Bruno Antoine


John indy Thomas Tina Russel Pascale Paul

Q & A

Pierrick Arnaud Kyle Sara


Russ Tina Anna


Pierrick Pascale Russe Anna Rina Thomas Aranud Ryan


Pierrick Chris Joshua Kyle


Russel Anna

MARC Editor

Antoine Thomas Joshua

Members and Reserves

Pierrick Tumer Chris Arnaud Bruno

Firefox Extensions

Kyle Joshua Chris Arnaud

Thursday May 10

AM how things are Developed

17:00 stop work leave for “O-P”

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