Difficult Terms

This is a list of terms in the Koha system that might cause problems with translation.

The words (Koha jargon) indicates that a particular word or phrase is Koha jargon, even if it appears to be a standard library science term.

There are notes for some French terms. This is not entirely unreasonable; CMARC, for example, is almost identical to UNIMARC, so the UNIMARC value builders can conceivably be used for certain MARC flavors.

Term Description
$rrp Replacement cost of an item, after tax
$est Estimated cost of acquisition, before tax
© Copyright year; corresponds to MARC21 subfield 260$c, CMARC/UNIMARC subfield 210$d, “Year of publication, distribution, etc.”
Accounts and reports Accounting reports and other reports
Année debut (Fr.) Beginning year (year a serial is first published)
Année fin (Fr.) Ending year (year a serial stops being published)
biblio -
Classification 1. (Koha jargon) Item type; Call number prefix; in the Koha call number system, a short abbreviation placed before the Dewey class number indicating the type of item. 2. (in moredetails.pl) Call number.
Clear Reset - some fields have non-blank default values, pressing 'Clear' might not actually clear the field
Code date publication (Fr.) Publication date code
Comtd Committed (in a budget)
DBARRED See debarred (q.v.)
debarred A library patron disallowed from checking anything out (due to excessive overdues, etc.)
Dewey The Dewey class number
Dewey subclass (Koha jargon) Call Number Suffix; the string following the Dewey number in a call number, usually the Cutter code or similar, so as to produce a unique call number
dir. de publication Editor (of a book, etc.)
¿Dig? - (as mentioned koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/default/en/parameters/thesaurus.tmpl:101)
Freight Shipping cost; P&P (q.v.)
GNA Borrower is Gone with No Address (GNA). Note in circulation module.
GST Goods and Services Tax (i.e., VAT), probably should be translated more generally if your target audience need to pay more than one kind of sales tax (e.g., as in the case of Canada) (Note: written “gist” in the parameters table)
institution Seems to be synonymous with organisation
item Book (or CD, cassette tape, magazine, etc.) in the library's collection; occasionally it can mean an item in general
issue It has at least three meanings depending on the context (source): (1) in circulation (i.e. to lend). (2) in journals as part of a host publication. (3) in administrative (i.e. a problem or question)
join To apply for a library card; to register with the library
Lib for librarians Label/Name of a MARC tag or subfield which is shown on the librarian (INTRANET) interface
Lib for OPAC Label/Name of a MARC tag or subfield which is shown on the OPAC
member Library patron who has registered with the library (i.e., one who has a library card)
Number (For series) Corresponds to MARC21 subfield 440$n, “Number of part/section of a work (R)”, “A number designation of a part/section of a series”, apparently corresponding to CMARC/UNIMARC subfield 225$h, “numéro de la sous-collection”
online Refers to an item being an online resource (i.e., a web site), a location; the location of an item is ~
organisation Seems to be synonymous with institution
P&P “Post and Packaging”, or shipping cost. Usually written “S&H” (“Shipping and Handling”) in US and Canada.
périodique d'stat inconnu (Fr.) Periodical of unknown status (whether still being published or not)
périodique en cours (Fr.) Periodical currently published
périodique mort (Fr.) Periodical no longer published
rental charge Service fee paid for borrowing an item
Sticky Due Date If we select sticky due date it will apply the new, overwritten date to every subsequent issue.
sundry Miscellaneous items
val build Build a value using a value builder
Volume (For series) Corresponds to MARC21 subfield 440$v, “Volume number/sequential designation (NR)”, CMARC/UNIMARC subfield 225$v, “numéro du volume”; things like “v.1”, “v.2”, etc.
worked off (Library staff, etc.) having paid fines by working instead of actually paying the fines
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