This document is a work in progress and will be updated with further information as I continue our migration to Koha.

Migrating data from MLS Ltd's Eclipse system to Koha

When evaluating Koha, there was a need to export our current database and import it into Koha. What I found was that Koha's scripts failed to manipulate the MRC file exported by Eclipse, due to incorrect exporting of the MARC file format. This may not be the case with your version of Eclipse. Here is a script that tests the first record of your data for this bug.

Eclipse's MARC21 export problem

Our version of Eclipse (Eclipse 2) doesn't export data in correct MARC21 format. The error lies in bytes 12-16 of each record. This usually indicates where the actual data starts within the record. For our version of eclipse, this was consistantly “00037”. To fix this, I have created a python script which will parse each of the records in your <file>.mrc file, correct bytes 12-16 and dump the final result into a file called <file>.mrc.fixed. This script can be found here.

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