Pre-3.0 Code Cleaning

This page try to describes step by step what Antoine F. will do in the next weeks to clean koha code.

Here is a TODO list for each script or module.

To each files

  • is this script used ? if NO : i'll write it here, and remove it after a while.
  • is every sub in the script used somewhere, usefull & not redundant with another sub ? if NO : i'll write it here, and remove it after a while.
  • is there a good POD ? if NO : i'll write it.
  • is it perlish ? (see perldoc perlstyle)
  • is it good coded ? (see the coding guidelines)
  • is it clear ? (variables names, is there some duplicated code ?) if NO : use more explanatory variable / sub names
  • does the execution generate some warnings ?

So as to see all warnings, it's may be practice to use warnings pragmas. To do this wihtout modifying all perl scripts, you can specify environnement variable PERL5OPT to ”-w”.

 export PERL5OPT="-w"

or write SetEnv PERL5OPT ”-w” on your apache virtual host.

To perl script (*.pl)

  • don't use SQL queries on it. (unless this script is on admin/ or tools/ directory)

To perl modules (*.pm)

Unused Files/Functions

Here is a list of files and/or functions which seems to be unused in head. If not, please write it here !

  • acqui/ is never called. Moreover its template does'nt exist too.
  • acqui/ too.
  • acqui/ Never called. Code not cleaned.
  • C4/ Never called on head.
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