Item Type Images

This list shows all the item type images currently available in Koha's 'npl' templates. These item type images were created originally for the Nelsonville Public Library, and additional ones have been added by request for other libraries. The file name and descriptions match the requirements of the original libraries.

Item Type Images in Koha 2.x

In Koha 2.x, it is necessary to maintain two copies of each image, each with a different filename. One copy's file name would be the item type code, the other's file name would be the item type description. That's because Koha sometimes uses the code and sometimes the description.

To use these images, it is necessary to rename each file according to your library's item type codes and descriptions.

Item Type Images in Koha 3.x

In Koha 3.x, there is a way of specifying a particular local or external file to be used as the image for any particular item type. This negates the requirement of having duplicate files.

The Images

  • Audio book (cassette), Book on Tape [AB.gif; AC.gif; Audiobook (cassette).gif; Audiobook.gif]
  • AV Aids [AVA.gif; AV Aids.gif]
  • Biography [BIO.gif; Biography.gif]
  • Book on CD [Book on CD.gif]
  • Audio book (cassette), Book on Tape[Book on Tape.gif]
  • CD-ROM Software [CDR.gif; CD-ROM software.gif]
  • Ed Lab Spanish [EDLS.gif; Ed Lab Spanish.gif]
  • Ed. Curriculum [ED.gif; Ed. Curriculum.gif]
  • Faculty Course Materials [FCM.gif; Faculty Course Materials.gif]
  • Large Print Fiction [LP.gif; Fiction, large print.gif]
  • Fiction Book [AF.gif; Fiction.gif]
  • Flagged Item [FLAG.gif; Flagged Item (re-catalog).gif]
  • Juvenile Audio Book (cassette), Juvenile Book on Tape [JAC.gif; Juvenile audiobook.gif]
  • Juvenile Biography, Biography for Children [JB.gif; Juvenile biography.gif]
  • Juvenile Book-and-Tape Set, Book-and-Tape Set for Children [KIT.gif; Juvenile book-tape kit.gif]
  • Juvenile Fiction, Chapter Book for Children [JF.gif; Juvenile fiction.gif]
  • Juvenile Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction for Children [JNF.gif; Juvenile non-fiction.gif]
  • Juvenile Picture Book, Easy Reader for Children [EASY.gif; Juvenile picture books.gif]
  • Juvenile Reference, Reference Book for Children [JREF.gif; Juvenile reference.gif]
  • Local History [LH.gif; Local history.gif]
  • Loose Leaf [SER.gif; Loose leaf.gif]
  • Magazine, Periodical [MAG.gif; Magazine.gif]
  • Microfiche [MFCH.gif; Microfiche.gif]
  • Microfilm [MFLM.gif; Microfilm.gif]
  • Missing Itemtype [ERR.gif; Missing Itemtype.gif]
  • Music CD [CDM.gif; Music CD.gif]
  • Mystery Novel [MYS.gif, Mystery.gif]
  • Large Print Non-Fiction [LPNF.gif; Non-fiction, large print.gif]
  • Non-fiction [NF.gif; Non-fiction.gif]
  • Pamphlet [PF.gif; Pamphlet.gif]
  • Paperback Romance Novel [PB.gif; Paperback romance.gif]
  • Rare Book [RARE.gif; Rare Book.gif]
  • Reference Book [REF.gif; Reference.gif]
  • Report [REP.gif; Report.gif]
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel [SCI.gif; Science fiction & Fantasy.gif]
  • SIRS Article [SIRS.gif; SIRS Article.gif]
  • Sunday School Curriculum [SS.gif; Sunday School Curriculum.gif]
  • Video disc, DVD [DVD.gif; Video disc.gif]
  • Videocassette (1) [AVJNF.gif; Videocassette, juvenile non-fiction.gif]
  • Videocassette (2)[AVJ.gif; Videocassette, juvenile.gif]
  • Videocassette (3)[AVNF.gif; Videocassette, non-fiction.gif]
  • Videocassette (4)[AV.gif; Videocassette.gif]
  • Vinyl Sound Recordings, Record Album [VSR.gif; Vinyl Sound Recordings.gif]
  • Web Site, Internet Resource [WEB.gif; Web Site.gif]
  • Western Novel [WES.gif; Western.gif]
  • Young Adult Audio Book; Book on Tape for Teens [YAC.gif; Young Adult audiobook.gif]
  • Young Adult Fiction, Teen Fiction [YA.gif; Young Adult fiction.gif]
  • Young Adult Non-Fiction, Teen Non-Fiction [YANF.gif; Young Adult non-fiction.gif]
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