Here is the list of modules available in branch 2.2.

Tip: if you want to know which scripts/modules are using a module such as C4::Auth, use the following command line from your koha checkout directory:

$ find -name "*.pl" -o -name "*.pm" | xargs egrep 'use +C4::Auth\b'


The module that is used be the cgi scripts to deal with handling the monetary aspects of koha.


The main function of this module is to provide authentification. However the get_template_and_user function has been provided so that a users login information is passed along automatically. This gets loaded into the template.


The functions in this module deal with the authorities table in koha. It contains every functions to manage/find authorities.


Module to handle all the catalogue data.


This module provides functions for manipulating virtual bookshelves, including creating and deleting bookshelves, and adding and removing items to and from bookshelves.


The functions in this module deal with acquisitions, managing book orders, converting money to different currencies, and so forth.


The functions in this module deal with circulation, issues, and returns, as well as general information about the library.


This module contains several functions for dealing with fines for overdue items. It is primarily used by the 'misc/' script.


This module provides a few functions for handling loan renewals.


When a Koha script runs, it makes use of a certain number of things:

  • configuration settings in /etc/koha.conf
  • connection to the Koha database
  • and so forth…

These things make up the context in which the script runs.

This module takes care of setting up the context for a script: figuring out which configuration file to load, and loading it, opening a connection to the right database, and so forth.

Most scripts will only use one context. They can simply have

 use C4::Context;

at the top.

Other scripts may need to use several contexts. For instance, if a library has two databases, one for a certain collection, and the other for everything else, it might be necessary for a script to use two different contexts to search both databases. Such scripts should use the &set_context and &restore_context functions, below.

By default, C4::Context reads the configuration from /etc/koha.conf. This may be overridden by setting the $KOHA_CONF environment variable to the pathname of a configuration file to use.


This module provides functions to see whether a given library card number or ISBN is valid.


Containing convenience functions for Koha scripts.


The functions in this module perform various catalog-maintenance functions, including deleting and undeleting books, fixing miscategorized items, etc.


Functions for generating HTML for the Koha web interface. Is used by almost all of the scripts. gettemplate should be the only function being used.


The functions in this module handle sending text to a printer.


The modules in this module handle everthing you want to do with reserves.


FindReservessearches for reserves by biblionumber or borrowernumber or both
CheckReservessearches for reserves by itemnumber
CheckWaiting searches for waiting reserves by borrowernumber
CancelReserve cancels reserves
FillReserve sets filled
ReserveWaiting sets waiting
CreateReserve create a new reserve record
CalcReserveFee Calc reserve fee


Empty module. Though since its an empty module we can remove the use calls, then remove this module


This module provides the searching facilities for the Koha catalog and other databases.


Module for querying and stocking Virtual Bookshelves. Needs copyright statement. Currently not used, but will be :-)


This module provides functions for parsing MARC records and files.


Function to interface with the statistics table. The &UpdateStats function adds an entry to the statistics table in the Koha database, which acts as an activity log. Every transaction like an issue,reserve,return,charge being paid etc, should call UpdateStats


Neither the module or the are used any more I suggest that both files are removed from cvs


This module contains functions for looking up Z39.50 servers, and for entering Z39.50 lookup requests.

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