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Steps to follow to manually test for bugs in a release candidate

This list should give testers a good idea of what tasks they should be trying to perform when testing a release candidate. Report bugs at

  • Installation
    • Operating System
  • Setting Up
    • Add a couple of branches
    • Edit a branch
    • Add a printer
    • Edit a printer
    • Add some item types (make sure to create at least one itemtype with charges, and one itemtype with a 0 day loan length)
    • Edit an item type
    • Create different classes of borrowers
  • Cataloguing
    • Add a book using normal acquisitions
      • Need more information about the steps needed here
    • Add a book using simple acquisitions
    • Add a book by importing a marc record
    • Add a book by using the Z39.50 client
    • Modify a book
  • Members
    • Add some members (test using the autoMemberNum system preference as well)
      • Set different user flags and see if the member can/cannot perform tasks as per thier permissions
    • Edit some members
    • Add/edit a child
      • Try to add a child who is over the age limit
    • Add/edit an institution
  • Circulation
    • Issue some books to various patrons
    • Set different classes of borrowers and see if circulation amounts are restricted
    • Return books
    • Check for appropriate charges
    • Check for non-circulating books (ie reference materials)
    • Check for appropriate due dates
    • Reserve a book
      • Attempt to issue a reserved book
      • Issue a book to a patron who has a reserve waiting
      • Have several patrons reserve the same book
    • Transfer books between branches
  • OPAC
    • Keyword searching
    • Title searching
    • Author searching
    • Reserving a book
    • Updating member information
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