Release; aims; review


Aims: find and kill as many packaging and installation bugs as possible; see if we can get CVS commits under control, else junk CVS; ensure first wave of docs (installation, configuration) are up-to-date; release.

Status: CVS junked, now testing; rc1 checksum is at http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/koha20/koha/koha--release2/koha--release2--0.1/base-0/checksum download details on http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/


  1. 0.2 - maintenance release with major function bugs fixed.
  1. 0.3 - replace systems that are really desirable (backport MARC searching from 2.1? has z*daemon really been fixed? is anyone working on the biblio entry screens in 2.1?); remove broken parts (is full acquisitions really broken or just buggy?); make sure second wave of docs (end-user help) are up-to-date; release.
  1. 2.0 - ensure that fixes we've made have been carried forwards to 2.1; enter maintenance period: only release new version for security or data loss.

October - 2.2 should be out, but be prepared for another 3 months just in case.

I'd appreciate comments and offers of help with the above.

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