Koha 3.0 Roadmap

Development and Management Team

  • (JF) Joshua Ferraro ⇒ 3.0 Release Manager
  • (TG) Tumer Garip ⇒ 3.0 Release Assistant
  • (PP) Paul Poulain ⇒ 2.2 Release Manager
  • (CC) Chris Cormack ⇒ Quality Assurance Manager
  • (RG) Russel Garlick ⇒ Documentation Manager
  • (RH) Ryan Higgins ⇒ Translation Manager
  • (GC) Galen Charlton ⇒ Biblio.pm, Installation, etc.
  • (JA) Joe Atzberger ⇒ Dates.pm, etc.
  • (OL) Owen Leonard ⇒ Interface Designer (HTML coder)
  • (CM) Cindy Murdock ⇒ Testing
  • (KH) Kyle Hall ⇒ Developer
  • (MJ) MJR ⇒ KohaInstaller
  • (HDL) Henri Damien Laurent ⇒ Developer
  • (AF) Antoine Farnault ⇒ Developer
  • (TD) Thomas Duklef ⇒ MARC21, UNIMARC adviser
  • (SY) Sylvain ⇒ developer
  • (OZ) Osmoze ⇒ Testing, bug reporting
  • (ID) Indradg ⇒ LiveCD Manager
  • (AN) Anonymous ⇒ Sponsors found, pending acceptance



Completed Replace marc-* tables with Zebra PP
Completed Apache2 with mod_perl2 support PP
Completed Replace use of Net::Z3950 with Perl-ZOOM TG
Completed UNICODE and general encoding issues PP / THD (JF: Koha now correctly handles MARC-8 to UTF-8 conversion for MARC21 records and manages the leader accordingly.) MARC-8 to and ISO 5426 to UTF-8. DB&tmpl are done. Not handling external imports (z3950) yet

Architectural Study Recommendations

(see http://www.kohadocs.org/Koha_architecture.html)

Completed Implement logging of action taken at the database level. HDL & AF done & systempreferences added to activate or not the logging for 5 actions
Completed Enhance the data integrity by implementing constraints in the database schemas. PP misc/updatedatabase improved. Warning : the handling of integrity has to be improved : when some data is not deleted because of integrity constraint, koha says nothing, the user just sees that the data has not been deleted
No Sponsor Yet Found Divide the Perl Scripts into more functional detached modules with clear interfaces and responsibilities. ??
No Sponsor Yet Found Implement a role management module. ??


Completed New Website Everyone Still some things to clean up, etc.
Completed Move from Sourceforge to Savannah Everyone note.
Planning LiveCD Creation IND One of the final steps before release. (This has been already done.)


Completed Amazon.com integrationJFjacket-covers and reviews, etc. using amazon API
Completed spellchecking queries based on database entries JF Zebra has fuzzy searching
Completed patron reviews and ranking CC (reviews only)
Completed highlight search terms in results pages TG note.
Completed search historyTG 2 history : session-lasting & long duration, like book bag & virtual shelves
Completed Move a bookbag to a virtual shelf & a virtual shelf in bookbag AF (although it has to be improved to move all items in 1 clic)
In Processpatrons can manage their own reading history AF so they can delete it if they want, but should be paramaterized so libraries can decide how to handle history.
PlanningPDA stylesheet OL note.
PlanningPeople who borrowed this book also borrowed these other booksCCBig problem for french libraries, as they can't keep track of personal datas and there's no way to do this anonymously. We will workaround the problem by adding a feature for patrons : they can (on OPAC) click to say “I want that Koha keep my reading history forever”, and also to say “I want to clean IMMEDIATLY my reading history” – Chris has found a way to attach the data anonymously to the bib record
Completed distinguish between 'status' and 'availability'AN See KohaStatuses
Planningbulk reserves from bookbagCC note.
Planninggrab ISO images of CDs and hosted on a web-server ID using loopback and autofs and linked to MARC field 856 u (for CDs accompanying books)
UnsponsoredReserve rules like issuing rules?? The idea being to be able to place reserves on a branch/itemtype/borrower category basis, like for issuing rules (PP)
Unsponsoredmember id cards from within Koha (print out the actual card)ID note.
Completed Reserves : send a mail or a SMS when a reserve is available TG This needs to be merged into HEAD from rel_TG

Cataloging and Acquisitions

MARC Frameworks

No Sponsor yet Foundadd new visibility columns to biblio (and auth) framework. No developer yet found note.
No Sponsor yet Foundadd default ordering to biblio and authority framework. No developer yet found note.
No Sponsor yet Foundadd ability to manage indicators in the same way as subfields . No developer yet found plugins, authorized values, treat indicator positions separately.
Completeddefault values for subfields. PP note.


In Development New professional cataloging client PP, JF, AN This is the OpenCataloger project, which will supplement the default MARC editor in Koha ; release 1.0 of OpenCataloger should coincide with Koha 3.0


Completed Suggestion : reject explanation AF In suggestions, add a field to specify why the suggestion is rejected. This field being manually filled or selected in a list (driven in parameters)
PlanningFix budget-based acquisitions CC (again!)
PlanningVariable VAT ?? Handle various VAT rates. In France, VAT depends on itemtype (serial/monography) and bookseller (EU - nonEU)
PlanningEDI or related technology for automating the purchasing process, etc. CC, RH, MJ Baker and Taylor support; Ebsco support.


Complete create zebra database for authorities. TG & HDL
Planningauth_group No developer yet found the idea being that you can search for NAME as a group and it will find PERSONAL NAME, CORPORATE NAME, etc.
No Sponsor yet FoundMerge frameworks for authorities and biblios No developer yet found Might get pushed to 3.2
No Sponsor yet Foundmap a behavoir in authorities to a subfield code No developer yet found for example, in unimarc, use $3 for authid, in marc21 use $9; in unimarc, use ?$ for linkid in marc21 use $0 – the user can specify in the framework what the subfield is linked to in auth_header.
No Sponsor yet Foundadd linkid, summary, marc to auth_header. No developer yet found note.
No Sponsor yet Foundcopy biblio framework changes to authority framework. TG note.
No Sponsor yet Foundsummary building for authorities. No developer yet found as discussed at koha dev week, there are special problems when building a summary.


In ProcessDrop down list for parishes (institutions)(patron needs to be able to be assigned to multiple parishes. CC Print (or view) History of items checked out from an institution (would be nice to be able to sort by date of reservation, patron or by title); Select which institution checking items out for; Institution list add and modify, reassign;
Add a “group” feature ?? The user (patron or librarian) can define groups, and invite other ppl in their groups. The groups would be used for grouply private virtual shelves or other various things


Completed Add something to let the library build the biblio summary itself PP depending on itemtype
Planningsupport for management and display of MARC indicators AN note.
Planningdefault value insertion into MARC editing tool AN note.
PlanningManagement of new items AN Creation of a statute ” innovation ”, related to the specimen. Creation of a moulinette to position this attribute according to the date of acquisition. Posting of a graphic indicator announcing that the specimen is an innovation in the OPAC. Modification of the rules of loan to hold account of this attribute.
Planningbatch modify item statuses AN Creation of a new page allowing to seize a statute (and can be other elements) and to apply it to the flight specimens which one seizes the bar code. This page must be accessible in sub-menu from small Catalogage.
PlanningAdd a validation level AN Creation of a new page + a new user flag to allow some users to validate input on the catalogue before integration.


Completed Serials Enhancements KAT see http://wiki.liblime.com/doku.php?id=kohaserialsspec
Completed borrowers alert PP borrowers can be alerted by a mail when the library recieve a new issue of a given subscription. The alert is by mail and based on the letter system (see below)
Completed Routing ListPP / KATThe library can define a list (from borrowers or manually) to print everytime it recieve a new issue. The list is printed to be attached on the issue. Note that this feature just print the routing list, it don't follow where the issue is at a given time
PlanningImports notes BNF AN ? remove existing notes ? Import all the fields ? Bond with acquisitions ?; Require a thorough analysis; PP : Problem of the timeout Apache to be regulated. For the recovery of the local fields, to see Marc ::Record
PlanningImports Authorities BRANCH AN To import with the flight of the notes of BnF authority
PlanningSerial numbering PP Introduce non numeric numbering sequences. I think I can do this quite easily, through a new table, where the library could define any alphabetic sequence, with a number for each entry, the number being replaced by the text (for example : 1=spring 2=summer 3=fall 4=winter to have 2005-Fall, 2005-Winter, 2006-Spring, 2006-Summer …)


Completed Bonds between cards readers parent/enfant SANOP To create a bond between the card of the children and the card of the parents. Avoid seized again co-ordinates and allows to send to the parents the possible correspondences.
Completed Overdue Notices SANOP I suggest having 3 levels for each branch/borrower category. For each category, the library could define : the number of days before the letter is sent (see below), the letter sent, if the borrower is suspended.
In ProcessA way to store Video meta data (# of showings & # of viewers) CC Probably use a 'reviews' or 'issue notes' field to acomplish this
In Processability for patrons to place future reserves on items. Patron to select the beginning date, the ending date would be calculated based on policy settings. Ability to make future reservations for patrons that would be for a customized period of time CC Probably use a 'reviews' or 'issue notes' field to acomplish this
Planningreview current loan rules matrix AN Nature réservable of the specimen, Loan of the specimen prolongeable, Ergonomics of the rules of loan With the new additions with the rules of loan it will be perhaps necessary to redo the layout of the parameter setting for loan rules.
Planning Improved item status handling ?? not tied to MARC record except for export
PlanningErgonomics of seizure and rules of management of the readers AN To improve ergonomics of seizure of the readers and to prevent certain errors of seizure :1. Search for doubled blooms in the inscription (Name, first name, date of birth; 2. Test of unicity of the login/password; 3. Capital letters with the names and first names; 4. Postal codes pre-filled (customizable by the Library); 5. Addition of one second address, CSP etc…; To make in Javascript the functions purely related to the user interface. The checks requiring a call with the data base will be coded in Perl. Creation of a moulinette allowing to remove the inactive readers. To finalize the analysis with the media library. Should await the ” Argentinian code ”, which worked over again these aspects.
PlanningMessages of blocking/releasing of the inscription AN To make explicit the messages of blocking and releasing of inscription compared to the rules of management of the media library. Management of the inscription for readers “except library”.
PlanningRevivals and penalties AN To manage the “workflow finely ” revivals and penalties.
PlanningSignature of the modifications AN To allow the traceability of the modifications of the card reader by the professionals.
PlanningCategory ” except Library Location ” according to the postal code AN To recall to the personnel the financial rules of inscription of a reader not residing in the library location.
PlanningJournalizing of cancellations of fines AN To be able trace cancellations of fines (use C4/Log.pm facilities)
PlanningNCIP AN For self-checkout barcode and RFID machines
PlanningCleaning of the data of the loan AN To create a program which, every night, cleans the data base by removing information nonnecessary.
PlanningManagement of the lost/stolen documents AN To manage the “workflow finely ” revivals and penalties.
PlanningHelped loan AN To allow the transactions of loan-return even in the event of unavailability of the network.
PlanningOff line issues/returns AN Allow a computer doing issues/returns off line. Each return could be in a notepad. Each issue (borrower card - barcodes issued) in another one. When the network is back, both files are handled in batch mode


Completed Formalized Coding Guidelines SH et al see http://www.kohadocs.org/codingguidelines.html
In Process Create a User Manual SH Covering all aspects of Koha use.
Planning Finish text for online help ?? For Intranet and OPAC.
In Process Update all installation guides for new version JF note.


In Process Packages for major distros MJ Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, BSD?
In Process New installer MJ as outlined here: KohaInstaller
In Process web-based (configurator) installer IND (like wordpress or moodle)


Completed Remove Date::Manip from circulation modules TG & AF consumes about 70% of proc for circ
Partially done Letter system PP ? Libraries often require to have personnal texts in mails they send (to borrowers for late issues for example). Adding a “letter” system in system preferences, to let the library define all their letters themselves, and attach events to a letter
No Sponsor Yet Found Consortium Support ?? for libraries with more than main→branch distinction.
No Sponsor Yet Found Virtual Shelves Improvements ?? bulk reserve from VS; sort by title, etc; categorize VSes; filter list of off-limit terms for public and open shelves.
No Sponsor Yet Found Revive borrower history feature ?? Should be editable by patron (ie what patron sees); Note: this is a privacy issue in US due to the PA
No Sponsor Yet Found Revise Koha's self-checkout code JF note.
LibLime Translate templates into major languages JF We have French and English; as many others as possible, but I think we can find translators for at least Chinese, Arabic, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian

Other feature requests and bugs:

  1. Reserve can't be made on an item until it's in the catalog
  2. Staff can't reserve a specific item (if it's damaged for instance) (sponsored by SAN West, code committed)
  3. Charges for Damaged/Lost Items:

Problem: Changing the status of a damaged/lost item before returning item off patron's card, permanently puts a charge on that patron's account.

Workaround: Owen: we should not be using the damaged status to set fines. We should always check items in before setting them as damaged. The reason for this is that the fines system doesn’t work well enough to handle them. I think most of us have encountered the patron record that still has a fine on it even though we’ve tried to set it as paid? That function is too buggy to use. The only safe way to have fines set on someone’s account is to add a patron note.

Recommendation: Change status of lost/damaged item. Then, charge goes automatically to patron’s account and then pay from that screen.

Release Schedule

Phase One: Dec 2005⇒ Jan 15 2006

  • Perl-ZOOM Development
  • Finalize plans for stages of Zebra integration

Phase Two: Jan 15⇒ May 15

  • Complete Zebra integration (search and manage functions)
  • Amazon Integration
  • KohaCon, Koha Developer's Week

Phase Three: May 16⇒ Release

  • MARC-8 to UTF-8 Handling (proper leader management for MARC21)
  • Manage and Store Authorities in Zebra
  • ISO 5426 to UTF-8 for UNIMARC
  • Finalize User Comments
  • Forward-port New Serials Module
  • New Installer
  • Fix budget based acquisitions (or create modular acquisitions)
  • Documentation including User Manual and Online Help
  • Distribution packaging support (Debian, Red Hat, Windows, OSX)
  • mod_perl2 and Apache2 support
  • QA testing
  • Bugfixing

Note: 3.0 is now in QA Testing, please see 3.0 QA Testing and Documentation Notes

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