Koha 3.0 embedded holdings data fields

This table represents a subset of the default embedded holdings data in Koha 3.0 , namely those subfields that are required or commonly filled on data import, or of interest to book & materials vendors providing MARC data for Koha libraries.

MARC21 Tag/subfieldData elementDescriptionNotes
952‡abranchcode owning library Code must be defined in System Administration → Libraries, Branches and Groups
952‡bbranchcode holding library (usu. the same as 952$a )
952‡cShelving location code Coded value, matching Authorized Value category ('LOC' in default installation)
952‡dDate acquired YYYY-MM-DD
952‡eSource of acquisition coded value or vendor string
952‡gPurchase price decimal number, no currency symbol
952‡hSerial enumeration caption
952‡oKoha full call number
952‡pbarcode * max 20 characters
952‡vReplacement price decimal number, no currency symbol
952‡wPrice effective from YYYY-MM-DD
952‡yKoha item type * coded value, required field for circulation Coded value, must be defined in System Administration → Item types and Circulation Codes
952‡zPublic note

* - required for circulation

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