Koha Tutorials

The idea of online tutorials for newbie contributors to Koha was brought up at the General Meeting 5 August 2009. This page will serve as an outline of what is needed and in the future will house links to tutorials.

Possible Topics

  • Git & Koha Git usage seems to be it
  • A summary of our coding guidelines
  • How to navigate Koha's codebase including file locations
  • Coding database updates

Possible Instructors/Facilitators

  • Galen Charlton
  • J. David Bavousett

Possible Software Options

Ideas for Sharing

  • Use YouTube and/or blip.tv to reach a wider audience
  • Set up a WordPress blog at learn.koha.org to allow posting of tutorials
  • Set up a Planet that pulls in feeds of tutorials
  • Announce on code4lib email list

Ad-hoc Git Tutorials

Other Tutorials

Usage Tutorials

These tutorials talk about using Koha - not coding for Koha, but at still very useful.

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