Organizational Meeting Agenda for 2006, Jan 30

Koha 3.0

Perl-ZOOM integration

  • Paul report on challanges encountered

Perl Packages

  • getting rid of Date::Manip asap
    • if we're still using Date::Manip it's going to be hard to test speed accurately
    • is there a replacement module, possibly Date::Calc, or should we just use regex? Date::Manip is fine in places where its needed, like reports, where we let people input weird date ranges, but for circulation its not needed and is slow
  • adding MARC::XML & ZOOM
  • other Perl Packages ?


  • strenghtening the database using InnoDB & foreign keys : what's done (Paul) and could be done. Requirements on mySQL (4.1 ? to have foreign keys & nested select)


  • the need to develop with warnings on?

Programming Templates

  • how are things proceeding, are we happy with prog templates?

New Installer

New Serials Module

  • timeline for completion?

Fix budget based acquisitions

plan approach for Feb


  • User Reviews
  • koha web sites
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