Koha Users and Developers of Open Source

This is the beginnings of the 'Koha Users and Developers of Open Source' Group Acronym 'KUDOS'

The user group is being created for Koha users in the US.

Here's where we are so far. As always, suggestions welcome!=)

KUDOS website

Creating a Koha User Group

1. Suggested Requirements:

2.Complete the following before November 15 30, 2007:

  • Create user group listserv: John Bricejbrice@ccfls.org from Meadville Library http://meadvillelibrary.org/ has offered to host the listserv and the website.
  • Contact Koha users via email announcing the user group: will contact Koha users for their availability to meet at ALA-midwinter.
  • Deb will also:
    • Secure a meeting room–completed.
    • Investigate transportation to meeting if required
    • Determine cost for meeting
  • John will also:
    • Work to secure funding

3. Determine 1st meeting time and place:

  • Suggestion: ALA mid-winter

http://www.ala.org/ala/eventsandconferencesb/midwinter/2008/home.htm If its for worldwide users, need someway for them to participate in this meeting too.

4. First Meeting Agenda Suggestion:

  • Create and write bylaws - completed by John Brice
  • Should be part of membership?
  • Elect Chair, Secretary, Treasurer - Done at Dec 2, 2009 virtual meeting

-John Brice - President -Ian Walls - President Elect -Vicki Teal-Lovely - Secretary -David Schuster - Treasurer

  • What is the scope of group and membership - US
  • How often should the group meet?
  • Next meeting(s)
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