How To Install MarcEdit On Linux Under Wine

This information is deprecated, since MarcEdit now can be installed officially on Linux.

  1. Install at least version 1.1.24 of Wine from the PPA for Ubuntu Wine Team site
  2. Install Microsoft's .NET 2.0 Framework following the “How-To” found on the Wine site
  3. Download MarcEdit 5.1 from the MarcEdit website
  4. Inside of your Linux desktop environment simply right-click the .msi file and open with Wine. Alternately you can execute the following from a terminal: wine msiexec /i MarcEdit_Setup.msi
  5. After the installation is complete, you will have to roll your own Application Menu link by doing something like the following:
    1. Right-click the Applications menu item.
    2. Select the Edit Menus item.
    3. Under the Menus section, expand the Wine menu item and then the Programs menu item.
    4. Select the Programs menu item and click the New Menu button on the right of the window.
    5. Create a new menu item entitled MarcEdit
    6. Select this new menu item and click the New Item button on the right of the window.
    7. Enter the Name as MarkEdit and the Command as wine 'C:\Program Files\MarcEdit 5.0\MarcEdit.exe'
    8. If you would like to change the icon, click on the wine icon and select your alternate icon.
      • Note: The png of the MarcEdit logo on this page is suitable for use as an icon (72×72).
    9. Click OK and Close.
    10. You should now have a MarcEdit menu item under Applications:Wine:Programs:MarcEdit.
  6. Enjoy!
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