Future Koha OPAC Features


Google like interface

improve structure

avoid duplicates

having elements of the same importance on the list


OPAC could be much more than a search engine

Several navigation modes (most reviewed, best rated, …


Reader's Advisory functions incorporated into Koha through the OPAC

Design Considerations

  • Flexible template design
  • Modular Design
  • Support multiple communities can be: geography, type of library, literary genre, etc
  • Patrons are empowered to share personal data
  • patrons are empowered to decide which communities they wish participate in
  • Libraries can opt in and out of communities.
Features to incorporate
  • Book rating by user
  • Tags provided by both librarian's or patron's
  • Navigation features similar to Yahoo's
  • Author Browsing
  • Most popular books by category: locally, nationally, internationally
  • Offer patron option donate a book to the library
  • Patron enabled search history editing
  • User history analysis to create new suggestions
Areas for improvement
  • Fix the bugs in Virtual shelf
  • Display of MARC in OPAC needs to improved regular normal detailed view.
  • Display's need to be reordered in virtual shelf, sort order options
  • Simplify virtual shelf for patron's
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