Kohacon 2010: Wellington, New Zealand

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Koha, we would like to invite the world to Wellington. Here is your chance to meet the folks from the original Koha library and have a drink with them.

Volunteers for KohaCon2010


October 25 - November 2 2010 3 day conference followed by 4 day hackfest


Conference Venue

Wellington Convention Centre Civic Suites
107 Wakefield Street

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Hackfest/Workgroups Venue

Catalyst IT 150 Willis Street


Bywater Solutions - Offered Sponsorship without even needing to be asked !

BibLibre - Merci, Paul !

LibrioTech - takk, Magnus !


The dates and venue have now been confirmed … any volunteers to help with planning sessions?

Day 1

Welcome and keynote Talks

Day 2

Talks and demos

Day 3

Interactive sessions

About Wellington

Places to eat near Conference

Travel Tips

  • Tipping - Tipping is not expected at all in NZ, sometimes there is a tip jar at the counter but do not feel obliged to leave anything, it is not expected.
  • Sales tax - NZ has a 12.5% Goods and Service Tax, but it is built into the sticker price, consequently what you see as the price on a menu, or price tag is what you pay, no tip, no sales tax added.
  • Taxis - Taxis are deregulated, so there is no need to take the first taxi on the rank, take whichever one looks good to you. (They will all have prices printed on the side, take a look). I prefer http://www.greencabs.co.nz/
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