Installing Koha on Ubuntu amd64

Generally to install Koha on Ubuntu Dapper Drake's amd64 platform you can just follow the instructions at, but I found a few differences while I was going through it.

Note that I used the server edition rather than the desktop version.

Before installing “Event” from CPAN, install the build-essential package via apt-get. This will allow Event to install without failing.

Note that presently there are packages for the Yaz toolkit in Ubuntu universe, but they are a little old. If you're just doing a plain install of Koha without updating to cvs or using Zebra, they're probably fine, but if you're planning on using the Zebra plugin then you should download the Yaz source tarball instead, and compile the packages yourself. (This is because installing Net::Z3950::ZOOM will fail because the version of Yaz is too old.)

Generating Yaz deb packages from source

The folks at Index Data have already done the package configuration for Yaz (and Zebra) so creating packages from the source is fairly simple:

  • Download the newest source tarball from and untar it.
  • Install fakeroot and debhelper with apt-get
  • cd into the untarred directory, and run “dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b”
  • It will probably give you a list of dependent packages that are missing. Install them with apt-get, and repeat the last step.
  • Once the package has finished building, cd up a directory, where you should find your .deb packages.
  • Install them with “dpkg -i packagename”.

If you are planning on installing zebra, you can follow the same procedure (downloading the idzebra tarball from /pub/zebra, of course).

Other notes

  • cvs doesn't appear to be installed by default on the server edition. You'll have to apt-get it.
  • I also had to install XML::SAX, Class::Accessor, and Business::ISBN from CPAN. For the Zebra plugin, I also had to install XML::SAX::Expat, XML::Parser, and XML::Simple.
  • Addendum: apparently MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore and Lingua::Stem are also necessary.
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