Choosing between Zebra and NoZebra

Koha 3.0 is provided in 2 versions : the zebra one and the No-Zebra one. This page will give you directions to decide which version you set.

Quick choice

Zebra version:

NoZebra version:

  • is available immediatly once Koha is installed
  • is probably not that speedy for catalogue with more than 100 000 items
  • does not provide a public (external) z3950 server


to be written

No Zebra

Koha “NZ” provides the same features as Koha with zebra.

Except for two features that will probably not be considered as harmfull by a lot of libraries : - no 'proximity' search : you can't search “HARRY prox(1) POTTER” to get “HARRY POTTER” and not “HARRY blabla blabla POTTER”. - no z3950 server.

Except those 2, Koha “NZ” is exactly the same as Koha “Z”

Once you have installed Koha and choosen “NoZebra”, just start cataloguing, that's as simple as that !

If you need to import datas from a previous ILS, there is a hint to do the import -much- faster. The biblio indexes in “NZ” are stored in mySQL, in some specific tables. We have developped a small script that rebuild the index for the whole database. It is much faster than add a biblio ⇒ update index ⇒ add a biblio ⇒ update index ⇒ … The way to do that is quite easy :

  1. set NoZebra OFF (yes, tell Koha you'll work with Zebra)
  2. bulkmarcimport your datas. As you don't have zebra installed, it won't be indexed here ;-)
  3. run misc/migration_tools/ remember : export PERL5LIB and export KOHA_CONF before) That will read all the biblios and reindex them all at once.

It's much faster than importing them manually

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