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Hi folks,

Well, you knew it was coming, it's been promised for, like, forever … and now, it's finally here! I'm proud to announce the beta version of the new Koha searching module that we've been raving about.

Before I show you the link though, I must warn you, this is still a beta product, things might not work perfectly, and that's because we're still working on it. If something doesn't look right, drop Owen or I a note and let us know (either on chat, or on the forum or via email – jmf@liblime.com is my current one).

And now, without further ado, the link:


Let's walk through the various search features of the new search:


The SIMPLE SEARCH page provides a simple, patron-friendly google-likeinterface to the catalog. Patrons can type simple, intuitive phrases like “harry potter” (titles) or “Chorale from Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 ” (song titles), “Neal Stephenson” (authors), etc.

The SIMPLE SEARCH also exposes a very intuitive formal query language called the Common Command Language - CCL (this is actually an international query standard: ISO 8777). With CCL, you can do queries like:

  au=neal stephenson

If you ever wonder how to use CCL, just click on the little [?] next to the search input box.

For most queries, you can probably get away with just using the SIMPLE SEARCH, but sometimes …


The ADVANCED SEARCH provides a guided interface to some 'prefab' search types like 'author', 'title', etc. For example, say you know the exact title of an item … say it's 'It' by Stephen King, and you want to find it in the catalog (pun intended). Try the 'Exact Title' option.The possibilities here are really endless … if you want us to add a new search type, just drop Owen or I a note and we'll make it happen.

You'll also notice something else about the Advanced Search, something we're not quite finished with and could use some feedback on. Remember the old 'Item Type' limit? Ever try to find 'all videos' or 'add DVDs'? It was pretty tough because those formats were in several places at the same time. Well now we've broken things into three categories:

  • Audience: (EASY, YA, Juvenille, Adult,etc.)
  • Content: (Fiction, non-Fiction, Biography,etc.)
  • Format: (Large Print, VHS, DVD,CD-ROM,etc.)

The old 'Item Type' search is now re-labeled as 'Collection Code'.

Please try out these new options, let us know if they work as you expected, or if there are types missing, etc.


The POWER SEARCH is, plainly put, for infomaniacs :-). It exposes the full syntax of the library-created Z39.50 protocol in all it's glory: search attributes, boolean operators, index scanning, the whole deal.

There are also two additional formal query syntax search boxes in the POWER SEARCH tab: CQL and PQF/RPN.


The PROXIMITY SEARCH does one thing, and it does it well. It allows you to find works that are within a certain distance from each other in any fields listed in the drop-down box (let us know if you want others to be added).

Well … that's a start … There are lots more features to show off, and some to refine … above all, we really need your feedback on this system so we can make sure it's meeting everyone's expectations.

Ta ta for now,


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