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Quick notes:

  • alter table biblioitems modify dewey varchar(40);
  • then unmap 852k (makes no sense)
  • unmap 300f (makes no sense)
  • remap 852k to biblioitems.itemtype
  • map biblioitems.dewey to something that makes sense at your site (at CCC we use the non-standard tag “093”)

暫譯�??詞(Koha 術語):

Biblio basket 類

Add to basket 放到書籃內 Basket 書籃 Biblio 書目 Biblio basket 書籃


Filter �?�濾�?件 Partial search 部份檢索

Suggestions 類

Manage 管�?� Suggestion 新書建議

Virtual shelf 類

Content size [虛擬書架內之] 書目數�? Free 公家書架 Item 書目 Manage 管�?� Private �?家書架 Public 公開的�?人書架 Shelf 虛擬書架

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