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Download Links for installing Koha on Windows

Possible Windows System Update

Two of the required supporting programs are supplied as Windows Installer (.msi) packages. The Windows Installer engine must be present in the operating system before a Windows Installer (.msi) package can be installed. Windows 2000 and XP include a version of Windows Installer, but Windows 9x and Windows NT do not. If you try to run the Apache or Perl installs and get a message asking what program to use to open the file, then you should go to;en-us;Q292539 and update your system with the Windows V2.0 installer for your operating system.

Required Supporting Programs

Apache Webserver is available from The W32 version file you are looking for is apache_2.0.47-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi MSI Installer Package or a more recent version if available. (If you are installing on Windows 98, do not use V2.0.44 - it had a bug). See KohaWinInstallation for install instructions.

MySQL Database Server is currently available in two production releases. The older version 3 has been around for quite some time and version 4 was released this spring (2003). The Koha windows install has been tested with both versions, so either one should be ok. The older release is available from Or, try here: The recommended install package that you should download is (~13MB) or a more recent build of MYSQL V3.23.xx if available. MYSQL V4 is available from Look under the Windows downloads section for V4.0.15 or newer and download the package that includes an installer (~23MB). Some newer alpha or development releases may be available, but you should stick with a stable production release and not try an alpha release. See KohaWinInstallation for install instructions.

Active State Perl is available from Click the download link. You will be asked to register, but note that registration is NOT required to download - you can choose to skip it. The Koha W32 install packages now include the necessary Perl modules for both V5.6 and V5.8 of Active State Perl. So you can choose to download either the Windows MSI package for Active Perl 5.6.1 build 635 or the Windows MSI package for Active Perl 5.8.0 build 806 (or a more recent version of Active Perl or if available). When you install Activeperl \usr\. See KohaWinInstallation for detailed install instructions. It is not necessary to download any additional Perl modules. The Koha W32 installs include all necessary Perl modules for both V5.6 and V5.8 of Active Perl.

YAZ Toolkit is available from On the Download YAZ menu, click Windows. This toolkit will enable the Z39.50 search feature of Koha

Koha W32 Install Packages

Koha W32 install packages are available for both a V1 stable production release and a V2 pre-release that still has some bugs, but is not far from a stable release. The V2 pre-release includes many new features including suppport for MARC and custom templates. The V1 release probably won't be supported much longer, so your best choice is probably the V2 prerelease, especially if you just want to do a trial installation to check out Koha's capabilities. See KohaWinInstallation for detailed install instructions.

[ Koha V1.2.3 Stable Release for Windows] (R2 Last updated July 1, 2003 - 4.5 MB) [ V1.2.3 Release Notes] This release is fairly old, does NOT include MARC support, and is no longer being actively developed. It is recommended that you try the latest release of Koha V2.2.2b below instead.

[ Koha V2.2.2b Stable Release for Windows] (Install build R0 Last updated April 28, 2005 - 7.5 MB) [ V2.2.2b Release Notes] [Ver. 2.2.8, 1-May-2007]

Check or subscribe to the koha-win32 mailing list ( to receive announcements of new releases when they become available.

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