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  • KohaOnWindows - This page - Introduction to running Koha on Windows.
  • KohaWinDownloads - Download links for all necessary programs.
  • KohaWinInstallation - Detailed install instructions - PLEASE review this page BEFORE you start.
  • KohaWinTools - Helpful tools for managing Koha and manipulating data.
  • KohaWinConfiguration - Important config. files, installing more than one Koha version and switching between versions, switching between Koha databases
  • KohaWinTroubleshoot - Suggestions on finding and fixing problems with Koha on Windows.
  • KohaWinNotes - Troubleshooting common problems for installation of Koha 2.2.x on Windows
  • KohaWinNotes - Note on Authority data management for Koha on Windows users


Yes, it is possible to install and run Koha on a Windows platform. Koha is written in Perl, stores its data in a MySQL database, and is accessed via an Apache webserver. All three of these supporting programs have distributions for Windows and are not hard to install. And they are all available without cost, just like Koha. A Windows install package is available for Koha that installs all the Koha files to the proper locations, installs required Perl modules, and handles necessary basic configuration to be able to run Koha with sample data.

How difficult is it to install Koha on Windows?

If you are willing to read and follow some simple instructions, it's not very difficult. To be clear, it is not yet as simple as a single install. But it no harder than installing on a Linux box. You need to perform four separate installations as follows:

  • Apache Webserver
  • MySQL Database
  • Perl
  • Koha W32 install

Detailed instructions are provided for each install. Carefully follow the instructions as you do each install, and you should end up with a working version of Koha running with sample data. Each of the four installs provides an uninstall option. If you evaluate Koha and decide it's not for you, you can uninstall it from your system.

Does Koha work as well on Windows as it does on Linux?

The basic program runs fine on Windows. However, there is one important feature that doesn't work yet. The Z39.50 client for downloading bibliographic records does not work on Windows. This is due to a required underlying Event module that hasn't been successfully ported to Windows yet. There may be a work-around, but it hasn't been tested. See the 'Want to Help?' section below if you'd like to be the one to test it.

Want to help improve this project?

We'd like to make the following improvements to Koha on Windows. Can you help us figure out to do any of the following? If so, please submit the solution to koha-win32 AT lists.sourceforge.net

  • Get the Z39.50 client for downloading bibliographic records working on Windows. See http://perl.z3950.org/support/windows.html or search Google for 'net::z3950 windows' for details on the problem.
  • Currently, Perl must be installed at C:\usr\bin\ for koha to work. Do you know how to make koha function when Perl is installed to some other location?
    • Newer versions of Windows (Vista +) support making symlinks. You can install Perl anywhere and then use this command to create a symlink:
      mklink /D C:\Webserv\Perl\bin\ C:\usr\bin\

      (You may need to run it as administrator)

    • Some versions of Apache are said to rewrite the hashbang line if Perl is in your path.
    • You may be able to use
      ScriptInterpreterSource Registry

      also, see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#scriptinterpretersource.

  • Improve the sample data set included with the install. Or provide a sample data set in another language.
  • Subscribe to the koha-win32 list at https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/koha-win32 and offer your suggestions and help to others on the list.

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