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How do I install as a normal user in some strange dir? :You still need the mysql root to create the databases, but you can use the installer with the command: etcdir=[path for koha.conf to go in] prefix=[path for opac and intranet and logs] perl :[From: MJR]

Why can't I su after the installer quits? :Terminal has been left in an odd state, probably by switching off display while entering the mysql root password. Try the command: reset :[From: MJR]

z3950 search

I installed koha2.0.0 on the day it came out and was hoping I was going to install it in our library. However I just stumbled across another problem with the z3950 search…. :When asking for help, please could you dump your z3950servers table & mail it to the developer or user list? :It seems that the 2.0.0 has problem if you use a lot of z3950 servers. Use only 1 or 2 please. :[From: T & J Kotula, Paul Poulain, posted by Nick]

Reports, Total issue

One of the items listed by is 'Total Issues:' It's an active link, but it doesn't list a number there on Should it? Or is it just a way to link to :Owen, it's just a link to The script only works with data on the biblioitem level – which sounds odd, since it displays lots of item information. But all of that information is retrieved using the biblioitemnumber. The script goes a layer deeper and retrieves data by itemnumber. Maybe it would be less confusing if the link said “See issue history” or something like that instead of “Total issues.” :[Owen Leonard, Steve Hedges, posted by Nick]

barcode check

Could someone point me to what would need to be done to include “Katipo” checksum validation of the barcode field on the /cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/ page. [tomasz kotula. unanswered. Nick]


Does Koha support MARC? :Yes. MARC21 in english and UNIMARC in french supported in 2.0.0 release by Paul. To add a new flavor, edit manually MARC parameters setup or fill the marc_*_structure tables with a script. Does Koha support repeated subfields? :In fact, there's an undocumented feature : to repeat just a subfield, enter the values separated by “|” like this : xxx|yyy - xxx & yyy will be stored in 2 differents subfields. [From : Paul]


Does admin (or whoever performs cataloging) need to manually export PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF env variables as root? :No. But your KOHA_CONF must be readable by the user launching a script in console. :[Benedykt P. Barszcz. MJ Ray. Nick]


Languages and Versions and Translations

  • 2.0 English French Polish Chinese (?)
  • 1.3

In my language….? :Yes it's possible. We use tools like kbabel or another .po file editor. If you don't have access to this, we have to think about how. Help (in english) is available at the koha-translate mailing list.

Mailing lists



 I need an expert here.  
(Q from Paul : what's your question here ? printing barcodes ? reading ? barcode format ?)

:MJR has intro-to-barcode notes that he will make available if asked, but the info is online already.

Reports, Accounts

On the Intranet front page, the link to the “Reports” menu is called “Accounts and Reports”. What does “Accounts” mean here? :Two of the reports are accounting reports, listing the names, amounts, and types of payments people have made against their outstanding account balances. (One report for the current day, one report for the previous day.) :[Ambrose, Steve, Nick]

Character sets

Why is there a call number prefix while cataloging a book but there's no Call Number feature in Koha tables (this is my guess)? :There are three columns in the biblioitems table that can be used to handle the call number: classification, dewey, and subclass. For example, a book might have a call number of “JNF 641.5 He,” meaning “Juvenile Non-Fiction, Dewey number 641.5, author's last name starts with 'He'.” In this case the “JNF” would be the classification, the “641.5” would be the dewey, and the “He” would be the subclass. :[Bened., Steve, Nick]


Legal Questions….GIF PNG :The legality of gifs usage in Koha is not really an issue at all, well from a legal standpoint. As long as the gifs were generated using a program that is licensed they are fine. :So the problem is if we have gifs that have been generated by a program that is unlicensed - the patent is for creating gifs, not using them. So legally Koha using gifs doesnt seem a problem, unless we build an unlicensed gif generator into Koha. :<DISCLAIMER THIS> :IE still doesnt handle png transparency in 32bits correctly as of <DATE>, so we haven't switched. PNG in 8bits are OK. :[Bend., Chris, Nick, Paul]


Where can I get Koha logos? : has Logos :[Katipo, Katipo, Nick]


To uninstall - *) Drop the Koha database *) remove the web sites (rm -rf /usr/local/koha if you installed in the standard location) *) rm /etc/koha.conf *) rm /etc/koha-httpd.conf *) delete the koha related entries in the mysql users table Then your system should be comletely koha free.

Additionally, some have found that it was best first to open koha.conf (since it contained the paths to the other files) then to delete it and those other files, and then to drop the database.

Here are the 2 steps: [kb2qzv@localhost kb2qzv]$ mysql -uroot -p mysql Enter password:xxxxx

Reading table information for completion of table and column names You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 208 to server version: 3.23.58 Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

mysql> delete from user where user='kohaadmin'; Query OK, 1 row affected (0.03 sec)

mysql> delete from db where user='kohaadmin'; Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec) mysql> drop database Koha; Query OK, 180 rows affected (0.05 sec) mysql> \q


Now you should restart your mysql daemon.

Step number 2 [kb2qzv@localhost kb2qzv]$ su - root Password: [root@localhost root]# rm -rf /usr/local/koha/ [root@localhost root]# rm /etc/koha.conf rm: remove regular file `/etc/koha.conf'? y [root@localhost root]#

Barcode Size

It seems that a lot of library cards use 14 digit numbers. I suspect this is because some bar code scanners only support 16. At the moment, koha supports 9-character card numbers. Can we make it support 14? Do I just need to update the database?

You will just need to change the database.

Item Types

Why would item types have anything to do with the MARC mixing up like that? Koha does many crazy things if item types aren't handled carefully. It cannot be emphasized too much that the _first_ thing folks need to do on the admin page is set up their item types!

= Rank Modification = I'm looking at the table of requests displayed by and wondering how the 'rank' modification works. It seems happy enough for me to specify '1' for all the requests on a single book. Is it up to me to alter the rank of all the requests at once? If so, shouldn't there be a mechanism for doing this automatically? For example, our waiting list for the upcoming Harry Potter book is 60 names long. It would be infeasible to renumber all 60 by hand.

Legalities section

Add note on javascript breaking local disability laws.


Hi i´m testing the Koha2.0.0-pre5-W32-R2 and in the release notes said that in this version i can manage fines when the book is returned too late, but i can´t make these… somebody helpme to configure the system that they say me the user has a fines and the system show the bill in the FINES & CHARGES seccion.


On Koha 2.0.0 pre 5 Win32-R2 and is when you add a memmber to the example batabase the memember is added but you can´t called these memmeber for issues.

And when you try add a other user the process is complete but the user is not added to the database.

— Credits additions: Roger Horne L. Mark Bruffey

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