So…our comments should focus on critical functionality deficiencies of Koha, and the problems we are having with our data transfer. We should save the “wish list” items for later; for now, let's focus on what we need for a minimal Koha production system.Spydus to Koha Migration Plan–Exporting the Data

The three phases of the export process are: Borrowers, Holdings, and Transactions (issues, reserves, etc).

Borrowers For detailed directions see BorrowerDet

1. Export data from Spydus file BRW.DETAILS, use the script to parse and format that file, and import it into the borrowers table in the Koha mysql database.

2. Export messages and debarred data from Spydus file BRW, use the and scripts to import the data to Koha tables

3. any other borrower data to import?

Holdings For detailed directions see HoldingsDet

Step 1. Parse the MARCOUT file and import it using

Step 2. Grab accusition data, holding branch, etc and import.


Issues For detailed directions see IssuesDet

Export from Spydus xxx file to issues, and use to tweak file and export to iss file. Import iss to to Koha issues table.

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