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Koha Wiki Sitemap.

Find Koha Wiki content and guide its arrangement using the sitemap.

Koha Wiki Page Creation Guidelines.

Please add new pages under appropriate namespaces and provide access point links to the index page of the namespace under which your new page is being added to facilitate finding your new page easily. Namespace topics should be arranged under top level language namespaces such as en for English or fr for French to facilitate the easy identification of content in translation.

All contributors to the wiki should examine the Koha Wiki Contributors' Namespace Tutorial based upon the work from the DevWeek documentation group introduced by Pierrick Le Gall at the first KohaCon, France (2006).

Sadly Pierrick was unable to remain with the Koha community to remind us to avoid making a confusing jumble of unlinked pages difficult to identify for translation in the wiki. Instructions on how to correct the problem by moving content and still have external links to the old jumbled wiki pages work may be found in the Koha Wiki Contributors' Namespace Tutorial.

Koha Documentation.

Online Help

  • Since Koha 2.2 an online help is available directly from the Koha Staff Client.
  • For example, when you pull up a page : my.koha.server.org/cgi-bin/koha/path/to/script.pl?param=x
  • a help page must be written for the page: path/to/script.pl
  • That's as simple as this. The same page is used for every action on the same page.
  • Anyone can add documentation here : Koha Documentation
    • The manual is being transferred to DocBook XML and can be see in this Git Repository
  • You can also update help files directly in Koha

Koha Defined

Koha is an integrated library system (ILS) and was the first open source ILS. Koha was created in 1999 by Katipo Communications for the Horowhenua Library Trust in New Zealand. The first installation went live in January of 2000.


Koha FAQ

Koha SQL Report Library

SQL Reports

  • Post completed SQL reports.
  • Ask for help editing SQL reports.
  • Read the documentation about the Koha DB on MySQL
  • Post requests for someone else to write a SQL report.

Online Tutorials

Koha Community

KohaUsers - Here's a page for collecting some information about who's using Koha. Hopefully it will help us (the developers) get in touch with the right people to ask questions of, and will help you (Koha users) to find other libraries running Koha in your local area. Note: these two groups aren't mutually exclusive.

Koha Social Networks Listing - A listing of other community pages related to Koha.

Koha Organisations.

Koha Project Organisation and Other Organisations has information about various types of organisations related to the project.

Forming Koha Project Organisation.

Work on forming a legal entity for the Koha project organisation, Koha Foundation/Association Forming Options.

Koha Events

Installation & migration


Koha 3.0.x

* Koha 3.0.0 ISO, 中文介面, BugReport nozebra for LiveKoha beta(LiveCD) – LINKS SEEM DEAD

Koha 3.0.0-beta

Koha 2.2.x


Migration Notes

Record Manipulation Notes

  • Perl scripts to help copy-catalogue small collections at http://geocities.com/mccalluc/
  • Example of how to change Marc21 MICROLIF records to xml format:
    • Sed scripts to doctor MICROLIF MARC21 852 records in xml format: HERE
  • An example perl script to move 852h >dewey< to 942k dewey default for Koha2.2: HEREa

Barcode Scanner Notes

Bash script for simple barcodes Here is a way to make simple barcodes

Data Import & Export


Information that might be useful to translators (not specific to any language). There are also “translation help” pages in the French RessourcesTraducteurs, Chinese ChineseTranslationHelp, German German Translation and Dutch DutchTranslation sections.

Volunteering for non developers

Developer Links

Versions and Roadmaps

  • ToDo : “minor” ideas/suggestions

Git Version Control

Release and Project Management / Quality Control


Testing, QA




Zebra Programming Resources

  • Zebra FAQ some hints on issues with zebra installations.
  • Queries and pages Koha Query Syntax Reference This Page is also used to collect test cases and results as they are or should be processed.
  • Koha 3.0 No Zebra a page to spec out Koha 3 without Zebra (for small libraries)


The IRC channel at irc://irc.katipo.co.nz:6667/#koha is quite active, especially during US daytime on weekdays, though the geographic diversity of the community means that you can get support here almost anytime. The channel is logged, and logs are available at http://koha.org/cgi-bin/logs.pl.

We hold some IRC Meetings and have logs archived here.

To help you get to know some of the folks on IRC, we have a page listing some of the IRC Regulars.

There is also a #kohanews on Freenode

Related Projects

Non English Documents

The following links points to non-english pages:

Koha History

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